I have owned boats and jet skis in the past and will never do it again! The ease of use that JetRide provides makes it a no-brainer for the causal boater like myself.

– Jason M.

This company is on point. Great selection of jet skis and boats!

– Mike S.

JetRide crew are friendly, courteous, patient, and most of all eager to get you out having a blast on the water! Highly recommend the Jetsetter package, my husband and I couldn’t be happier with this incredible option of a boat or 2 skis at a time.

– Mary Ann

Open the app, request a jet ski, and receive a notification when it’s ready. Couldn’t be simpler!

– Lindsey

Amazing value! I get access to brand new boats and wave runners any time I want for a fraction of what it would have cost me to buy just the boat.

– Matt

This makes boating so easy and cost effective. No clean up, no hassle.

– Kevin

We had so much fun boating. Kids love it, we love it!

– Chelsea

The jet ski was great, just amazing. Recommended to everyone!

– Max

Living the JetRide lifestyle!... It doesn't get any better than this.

– James

Been here my whole life and this is by far one of the best opportunities to get on the water. I highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

– Berdjette

Awesome! Great staff and service. Having a blast in the water.

– Heshan

It’s amazing to have access to the boats, not have to worry about maintenance, and the price point is spectacular

– Jared