West Palm Beach Public Dock Center

141 S Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach 33401

Located in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach, the City Dock at the end of Clematis St is a great place to start and end a JetRide.

The docks are located to many iconic Clematis street restaurants including E.R. Bradley’s Saloon, Avocado Grill and Grease Burger Bar; and is adjacent to the Centennial Square Park, with an interactive fountain which children enjoy.

No day on the water near West Palm Beach is complete without a trip to Peanut Island. The park is a favorite destination and provides several recreational opportunities, like snorkeling in beautiful clear waters. The park has guarded and unguarded swimming beaches to provide the perfect access to people of all ages.

There are several other sites to enjoy while on the water, including: the Sailfish Marina Resort, Palm Beach Maritime Museum, and Frigate’s Waterfront Bar & Grill.